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There’s No Village

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

QuoTina Floyd August 24, 2019

Back in the day the word FAMILY meant something to more than just the dictionary makers. FAMILY meant community, love, stability, and a place where even the weariest soul could find refuge.

In 2019, FAMILY means a group of people competing against each other for the sake of saying “I had it first” and “I only worry about me, get your own”. It is sad to say that society has forgotten family, to enhance and influence the community and to portray morality in the most dynamic way through love, support and training.

The definition of family has changed with each passing year to accommodate society’s acceptance and rejection of the family model established back in Biblical times. Today, there are even more words designated to identify what the word Family should be such as Blended, Extended, Immediate and Intact.

How can it be that so many words must justify what was once known and understood as a family to be? It is simply ridiculous that now Family must be labeled a certain way just so that its dynamic can be understood when in previous times the word FAMILY was once understood to be all inclusive.

Black’s Law Dictionary (2009) has five specific definitions for the word family in conjunction with the specific duty of the role. I choose the most familiar definition. A family is defined as: (1)A group of persons connected by blood, by affinity, or by law, especially within two or three generations. Somewhere along the road society threw away the family unit. There is no village anymore. Family units became selfish; therefore, the communities became hard to live and thrive in. The consequences of the degenerating family are Single Parent Households, Same Sex Marriages, higher Divorce rates, Mental Health Issues, higher Poverty Rates, Substance Abuse Issues and the list goes on.

Who gets the short end of the stick? The children! What can we do now to end this cycle? Be accountable, communicate, and become the true definition of family, then and only then will the communities prosper and flourish as they use to. The family needs to have Candid Conversations about the past, untold secrets, the chapters in their lives that no one wants to read or talk about. It is in those moments that restoration occurs, and communities are healed. You hold the power to change the world, within your family. Candid Conversations saves lives, maybe even yours!

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