• Tina Floyd

Candid Conversations

Have you ever considered the current impact of Society on the family? Not really?

Believe me, you are not alone.

As a previous young adult I never considered that My actions would cause such an uproar on my adulthood, but boy did it ever! Some of you are thinking "What does this have to do we ME?". In short, EVERYTHING!

Your decision to marry/not marry, be single, be promiscuous, be a virgin, be competitive, be carefree or careless all influences not only your life, but also the lives of everyone around you!

Am I being overly dramatic? Maybe, Maybe not! Here's why. The average young adult focuses on the NOW, living in the present #YOLO , which isn't necessarily bad, but at the same time, not really good.

When the issue of sex, marriage and parenting arise most young adults don't think twice about which one of the three has the most consequences, until they are face to face with the issue.

Society today does not frown upon premarital sex, but the abortion that comes after is a huge topic especially for re-election officials. Is the problem getting solved? No! Is that not where family comes in? Maybe? The family WAS the foundation, the standard that society was ruled by, but what is it now?


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