• Tina Floyd

The Game Changer

Life Happens!!! No one can prepare you for failure when you are expecting to succeed. Then it happens, YOU FAIL! What's suppose to happen next? Do you question yourself, do you seek help? You become your failure then others began to identify you as that failure. What do you do? Do you wallow in self pity, doubt or question your existence, settle for what is expected of you or just give up? ME! I did all of the above! Then one day something changed in me.... my MINDSET!! I wasted two years living in the shadows of others opinions of me and felt completely stuck. Living in a small town it became evident to me that EVERYONE would remind me of my failure EVERYDAY!! Or was it just me, re-living that failure over and over. I was my own worst enemy. The expectations that I had of myself were immeasurable. I didn't give myself any room for failure. My own mind became my executioner. That's what I did wrong... I didn't realize that my plans were flawed and didn't match my PURPOSE in life.

Realizing my purpose was the Game Changer. You may ask "What is this Game Changer that she keeps talking about"? Allow me to explain. A Game Changer is defined as "an event, idea, or procedure that effects a significant shift in the current manner of doing or thinking about something." Technical right? Simply put, a Game Changer is something that completely blows your mind and forever changes the way that you respond to situations. YOU have the choice to either let the situation make you or break you? I'm a GAME CHANGER!!! I CHOOSE to walk in my purpose and SERVE others with ALL of the skills that I have learned over the years. IT'S TIME TO LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD!!! I'M A GAME CHANGER!!!! Are you?


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